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          Whether you want to own beauty or health, look to Anheng for your high performance laser needs. Hefei Anheng Optic and Electronic Co., Ltd., CAS is a fast-growing medical business of laser device, it is dedicated to developing, manufacturing and marketing a broad range of advanced medical laser instruments.

          The company was founded more than two decades ago and with the backup of technical advantages of CAS, Anhui Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics in the field of laser, it has developed and manufactured many photoelectronic instruments under the most stringent international standards, such as a series of medical gas laser instruments, solid laser instruments and pulse photon instruments. The company have the finest in quality photoelectronic instruments and many products have been awarded international or internal prizes, such as FAD certification, the dual standard system certification of ISO9001:2000, the dual standard systerm certification of ISO13485:2003 and CE certification.

          Our products are very popular in oversea markets and wildly enjoyed by distributors and end-users around the world. Please contact us to discuss our laser product line. We are confident that we have a laser to suit your needs, but if we don't, perhaps we can use our years of experience to develop a custom laser for you.